Clorox Sets Site on Family Ties

NEW YORK Families should spend more quality time together—and Clorox products can help strengthen those bonds.

That’s the message of an online push from Tribal DDB that launches on Monday.

For example, at, users can get recipes and information from four Clorox brands: Kingsford, Hidden Valley, KC Masterpiece and Glad.

There are also some non-product related tidbits on the site, such as tips on throwing Frisbees, arranging flowers as well as the official Slap Jack rules. (Sample tip: flipping the cards and slapping must be done with the same hand.)

The site features a “typical family” that serves as guides.

“Clorox wanted a site that was going to latch onto the new trend of families getting back together,” said Dorian Sweet, ecd, Tribal, San Francisco. “They said, ‘We have all these recipes—what should we do with them?’ We said, ‘You should create an experience around keeping the family together.'”

The site represents an effort by the four brands to pool their money and resources in an attempt to garner more attention and unify their message.

According to Sweet, will be referenced in TBS sponsored spots airing during Dinner and a Movie in June as well as print ads set to debut in July. Also, more brands, as yet undisclosed, are set to join the site.

“We didn’t just want to make it about food—but about food and activity that people could do together,” said Sweet. “This first iteration of the site is the beginning. We are already planning on shooting the second version. It’s kind of like a sitcom, in that it’s ongoing.”