Chief Technology Officers Are Cool, But Have You Thought About Becoming a Chief Taco Officer?

Moe's brings a new meaning to the CTO role

Love tacos? Now is your chance to make a career out of it. Moe's
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Technology is cool and everything—and being a chief technology officer would be pretty awesome— but have you ever wanted to be a chief taco officer?

Restaurant chain Moe’s Southwest Grill is now giving people the chance to apply for the role of taco chief, beginning today. And no, this isn’t a belated April Fools’ Day stunt. It is, however, a project done in partnership with job site,

The timing of the news comes as the restaurant chain is launching its new Three Amigos tacos—a flight of chicken, steak and carnitas tacos. “We crafted the new menu item to maximize the flavors that our fans crave in a unique street-style taco inspired by Southwest cuisine,” Ciarán Duff, Moe’s executive chef, said in a statement.

Who can apply for this coveted position? All that Moe’s asks is that the applicant be a die-hard taco fan with an appreciation for the restaurant chain. The winning applicant will receive all you can eat tacos on an upcoming “Taco Tour,” a trip to the Moe’s test kitchen and lots of “free swag,” according to the brand.

Hopefuls need only sign up for the competition using the Moe’s app and pick a social platform of their choosing to tell the world why they would be the best candidate for the job. Then the winner will join the Moe’s team on June 1 in Atlanta, Ga. Their main responsibility will essentially be to help promote the brand and its new taco offering.

“At Moe’s, we’re always looking for ways to engage with our fans whether it’s helping name a new menu item, showing them a behind-the-scenes look into our culinary innovation or just rewarding them for being rock star brand ambassadors. We wanted to take this engagement to the next level and there is no better way to do that than appoint our biggest taco fanatic to Chief Taco Officer and help spread the word about for our newest menu item— Three Amigos tacos,” Bruce Schroder, president of Moe’s, said in a statement.

@ktjrichards Katie Richards is a staff writer for Adweek.