Chevrolet Assures, ‘We’ll Be There’

CEA’s Latest Advertising Is Meant to Sharpen Car Maker’s Strategy
DETROIT–Two new campaigns from Campbell-Ewald Advertising for General Motors’ Chevrolet division make use of a new tagline intended to give greater definition to the Chevy experience.
Three 30-second spots for Chevy cars break Sept. 21, and include the tagline “We’ll be there,” which replaces “Genuine Chevrolet” (Adweek, Aug. 23).
The campaign will air concurrently with three 30-second spots for the Monte Carlo that break Sept. 26 during the Saturday Night Live 25th anniversary show on NBC prime time. Those ads retain the 3-year-old tagline “The side you show the world is up to you,” but also include the new divisional tag.
While Chevy advertising has already been emphasizing its passenger cars as trustworthy, the new tag is thought to do a better job of driving that message home, said Jim Jandasek, director of Chevy passenger car advertising and sales promotion.
“Genuine Chevrolet” is really more of a “code of behavior” for the entire division, said Kurt Ritter, Chevy general manager. “The cars needed something they can call their own,” he said. “‘We’ll be there’ is a consumer articulation of ‘Genuine Chevrolet.’ It’s more definitive.”
The new tag also provides a stronger link to Chevy’s truck-side tag, “Like a rock,” said Bill Ludwig, vice chairman and chief creative officer at CEA, Warren, Mich. The new spots also emphasize that Chevy is the “highest common denominator” of value and show the brand as “youthful and vital,” he said.
One of the spots, “Start Dammit Start,” shows the terror of feeling threatened and not being able to start your car. At the end, the voiceover and screen copy proclaim: “If only everything was as reliable as a Chevy.” Another spot shows the foibles of people’s dependence on technology. In “Computer,” a frustrated man throws his file-eating computer out the window.
The campaign breaks on the ABC sitcom Dharma and Greg, and media buys include cable TV and late-night shows. “Start Dammit Start” is a natural to run during horror movies on Halloween cable programming, Jandasek said.