Cheese Star of JWT’s Kraft Spots

Cheese is the central character in three vignettes from J. Walter Thompson that provide a blanket campaign for Kraft brand cheeses while also highlighting individual products.

“There’s something about Kraft Cheese,” is the tagline. The spots are airing in the Minneapolis, Tampa/St. Petersburgh, Fla., and Cleveland markets, with a national rollout expected after the first of the year. Print is also being readied for February.

The commercials, directed by Bob Giraldi, have the tone of an image campaign without the endless list of product benefits often associated with packaged goods advertising, said Jeff York, group creative director at JWT Chicago. While meant to push Kraft Cheese in total, the three spots feature the Glenview, Ill., company’s Cubes, Parmesan and Singles products.

“It gives the product a starring role but doesn’t oversell it,” York said. “Copy points are very terse.”

One spot shows a young girl on a merry-go-round with grandparents watching . They wave as she passes but grab for her Kraft cheese cubes every time she’s not looking, leading to the young girl’s dismay when she sees the emptied pack. Another has a couple vying for control of the TV remote, a problem settled when the woman takes hold of the Parmesan cheese each wants for their pizza.

In addition to the tag, the spots end with a simple rendition of the “K-R-A-F-T” ditty. Karen I. Hirsch