Cheeky DCBA Keeps It Clean in Vegas

NEW YORK DiMassimo Carr Brand Advocates has bowed a “clean and inoffensive billboard” in Las Vegas for the Hard Rock Hotel, which recently won a challenge before the Nevada Gaming Commission that called past ads obscene.

The current billboard tweaks the nose of the state attorney general’s office and Nevada gaming regulators by portraying double entendres through cartoon illustrations. In one ad, illustrations of a pussycat, beaver and bunnies, complete with wide eyes and long eyelashes, suggest a portion of the female anatomy without ever naming it explicitly.

Another ad presents a cartoon illustration of a locomotive driving into a tunnel, “which looks strangely like someone’s mouth,” said DCBA president Mark DiMassimo.

There are three billboard ads that will run through the end of the year, DiMassimo said.

The client asked for a new series of billboards that were cheeky, but would not draw the same heat as some past ads, which were not created by DCBA. (One aimed to lure rodeo attendees by showing a woman’s lithe legs with panties around her ankles and the tagline, “Get ready to buck all night.”)

The campaign that launched in July, a joint effort by the New York independent agency and Sally Hogshead in Los Angeles, includes a full-page print ad designed to resemble a doctor’s prescription for 48-hours of post-Vegas bed rest as well as a 24-page guide to partying that includes tips on threesome etiquette.

Campaign spending details were not available.