Champlain College Hits Airwaves

Kelliher Samets Volk attempts to appeal to students of all ages in a breaking campaign for Champlain College.

The effort from the Burlington, Vt., agency consists of broadcast, print and transit executions, which will run mainly in Vermont. Spending for the campaign is in the high six-figures.

There is no tagline, but the campaign is built around the idea of “individual celebration.” Three spots featuring young people target high school juniors and seniors. Two other spots star adults and are aimed at professionals who are looking to go back to school.

“[The ads] were all about trying to acknowledge that Champlain College can help people who want to take control and change their lives, be they 17 or 57,” said Bill Drew, creative director at KSV.

One execution shows the word “Disappointed,” against a white background. A businesswoman with her back to the viewers is scribbling away at the word. When she steps back, the change is revealed. She has written, “Appointed, Vice President.” A voiceover says, “Challenge yourself. Improve yourself. Enroll in Champlain College’s Summer Session today.”

The college, also in Burlington, is a private institution known for its career-focused curriculum. It offers courses on campus, as well as online.