CDNow Launches New Campaign

Hampel/Stefanides’ new ad campaign for CDNow shifts the focus from personal music experience to the online music retailer’s vast selection of CDs.

Seven 15-second TV spots and six radio commercials from the New York-based agency break today. The ads, which target adults ages 25-49, show actual videos for obscure songs—such as one by a kimono-clad throat singer—along with the copy, “If we have this, we’ll have what you’re looking for.”

Twelve print ads, which also break today, feature lists of obscure songs, such as the “Top 10 songs having at least three consecutive E’s.”

Previous work focused on CD Now’s online content. One ad showed an aging hippie in a Volkswagen bus discussing his favorite musicians, interspersed with clips of Alanis Morissette and Jim Morrison. The tagline was, “Never miss a beat.”

“Now people expect [online] content to be available, so the more differentiating thing to say is that we have an incredibly wide selec tion of music,” said shop vp, account director Kevin Perlmutter.

TV spots are appearing in 10 spot markets; radio ads are running in 6-8 markets. Print work is appearing in newspapers nationwide.

The budget for the effort was undisclosed. The Fort Washington, Pa.-based division of Bertelsmann eCommerce Group spent nearly $10 million on media in 2000, per CMR.

Hampel/Stefanides, a unit of Envoy Communications, has handled CDNow’s account since 1998.