Can 50 Million Frenchmen Not Feel Like Frenchmen? takes

How European are the Europeans? The answer varies from nation to nation, finds a MORI poll conducted among white-collar 21-35-year-olds for Time Europe. Of the countries covered by the survey—Britain, France, Germany and Italy—Britain was the laggard in adopting a European identity. Asked whether they consider themselves primarily European or British, 75 percent of U.K. respondents said they’re Brits first; 21 percent feel primarily European. Italians were the most likely to regard themselves as primarily European, with 42 percent doing so. They were also the most likely to support “the current trend of globalization,” with the Germans close behind. Elsewhere in the poll, people were asked where they “normally acquire information about what’s going on in the world.” Television was tops overall, but it ran second to newspapers in Germany (40 percent versus 48 percent). The Internet scarcely registered, cited by 2 percent in France, 3 percent in Italy and Germany and 6 percent in Britain.