Burrell President Chuck Curry Resigns to Start Consultancy

CHICAGO – Chuck Curry, president and chief operating officer of Burrell Communications here, is resigning from the agency and going into business for himself.
Contacted last week, Curry confirmed he will be leaving the agency Nov. 15 to start up Orpheus Connection, a consultancy in the area of diversity development.
Ironically, his departure comes a few weeks after a cover story on Curry in Chicago-based Push magazine, labeling him ‘the man behind Burrell Communications.’ There was no hint in the article that Curry was interested in leaving the agency, but he denied speculation last week that he was leaving because of a rift between him and Burrell chairman and founder Tom Burrell.
‘I’m at that point in my career where it’s time to do my own thing,’ Curry said last week. ‘This parting is under the most amicable terms. I have the utmost respect for Tom and for what he’s built.’
Burrell couldn’t be reached last week.
Replacing Curry is 19-year Burrell veteran Sarah Burroughs, who currently runs the agency’s Atlanta operation as senior vp/general manager and management supervisor.
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