Burger King Wants to Deliver Whoppers Right to Your Car During Nightmarish Traffic Jams

The concept may expand to gridlocked cities worldwide

Stuck in traffic? Burger King can't help that, but it might be able to bring you a Whopper. We Believers
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If you were stuck in seemingly endless traffic and an ad offered to let you order a hamburger right to your car window, would you be tempted?

Burger King certainly thinks so, and it’s taking a serious look at the idea of gridlock Whopper delivery via motorcycle through a concept it calls “the Traffic Jam Whopper.”

Created by agency We Believers, the campaign uses a blend of high-tech features and old-school opportunism to deliver Whoppers in highly congested parts of Mexico City. In the case study below, the brand reports a 63% increase in delivery orders in the first week of the test, along a 44 times higher number of Burger King app downloads.

The promotion was communicated both through digital outdoor ads and mobile ads such as on traffic app Waze, with ordering available via voice commands on the Burger King app. Dynamic roadside ads would let drivers know how long they could expect to be stuck in traffic, and they even showed customized messages letting some customers know when to expect their deliveries.

Instead of being fixed in one high-congestion spot, the effort shifted to wherever Burger King’s real-time data showed traffic to be at its worst, with deliveries coming from restaurant locations within 3 kilometers of the driver.

Burger King says it’s looking to expand the program into Los Angeles, Sao Paulo and Shanghai, which, if successful, would mark quite a success in terms of product development led by an agency. Speaking of the agency, We Believers, you might remember the shop best from its 2016 creation of edible six-pack rings that made beer packaging safer for ocean life.

Title: The Traffic Jam Whopper
Brand/Client: Burger King Mexico/Global
Product/Service: Burger King Delivery

Agency: We Believers.
City / Country: New York / USA.
Chief Creative Officer: Gustavo Lauria
Executive Creative Director: Patricio Elfi
Creative Director: Santiago Luna Lupo
Copywriter: Gustavo Lauria, Santiago Luna Lupo
Art Director: Patricio Elfi
Head of art: Diego Grandi
Head of Production: Marcia Jaes
Chief Strategic Officer: Marco Vega
Head of Client Service: José Quijano
Account Supervisor: Juan Cano
Creative Coordinator: Lupita Alvarez
Development Coordinator: Pablo Salazar

Digital Development company: No Smoking
Head of digital development: Matias Aguilar
UX Designer: Gabriel Da Silva Valer

Production Company: Central Films
Director: Kane Kwick
Director of Photography: Jordi Planell
Executive producer: Paco Juarez/ Mauricio Francini

Editor: Diego Panich
Music House – Music Publisher: Pickle Music
Composer: Alexis Estiz
Sound Design and Mix: Dario Calequi
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Post Production/ VFX:
Central Films/ Patricia Guerra
Bonsai3/ Flavio Dumaine/ Swan Glacer

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