Bugle Boy’s Golf Casual Wear Gets ‘Professional’ Launch From DDB

DDB Needham’s Los Angeles office has created a print campaign featuring pro golfers to launch Bugle Boy’s new line of golf casual wear.
The ads feature Brent Geiberger, Paul Stankowski and Jason Gore wearing the Bugle Boy apparel and engaged in various outdoor and sporting activities. Campaign billings are undisclosed. The client spent $4 million on advertising in 1997, according to data from Competitive Media Reporting.
In one ad, PGA Tour pro Geiberger is seen riding in the water on a Waverunner. Above him, copy reads, “If I’m not comfortable, my game takes a bath.” To the right of the text is a photo of Geiberger with golf club in hand.
Another ad shows PGA Tour winner Stankowski fishing off the back of a boat. His quote reads, “You’ve got to stay loose, no matter what’s on the line.”
The Bugle Boy logo appears at the bottom of all the single-page ads.
The work breaks in April and runs through June in consumer magazines and sporting and golf trade titles, including GQ, Men’s Health, Sports Illustrated, Golf Week and Golf World.
The campaign also includes promotions, found on the company’s Web site (www.bugleboy.com), that also feature the golfers.
“We found the three pros to work with who would best fit the Bugle Boy profile, with a approachable, likeable, all-American look,” said Rick Carpenter, the agency’s managing director and chief creative officer. “[We also wanted to emphasize] that Bugle Boy delivers quality golf merchandise at a great value, compared with the [high] price people pay for golf apparel.”
Using pro athletes is a new approach for the Simi Valley, Calif.-based apparel manufacturer, which is best known for its Bugle Boy jeans. The company, which markets and licenses sportswear, jeanswear and activewear, is one of the largest privately held apparel corporations in the U.S.
DDB has handled Bugle Boy’s advertising since 1991.

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