Brogan Ads Sell Michigan To Businesses

Brogan & Partners here is preparing a multifaceted campaign aimed at getting out-of-state businesses to consider relocating or expanding in Michigan.
Two 30-second TV spots, two 60-second radio spots and a print effort break in February in the New York area, said Ellyn Davidson, an agency partner and the account supervisor for the Michigan Jobs Commission in Lansing, Mich. The campaign continues with spots breaking in April in Chicago, June in Toronto and August in Cleveland, she said.
The campaign will run for six weeks in each market, she said, and will also include newspaper ads and Internet banners. Other print ads will run in trade magazines targeting business owners.
Spending for the effort is estimated at $2-5 million.
The agency contracted with a research firm last fall to survey top business decision makers who choose site locations for their companies. The goal was to learn what they consider important in selecting certain markets for growth. Test ads were evaluated by focus groups in each of the four geographical areas.
As produced, the advertising features business owners from Michigan talking about the advantages of doing business there, Davidson said.
The campaign will run most heavily in the Toronto market, she said. Canada’s Ontario province is running a similar campaign in Michigan and 11 other states, seeking to attract businesses to the province.
Davidson said the Michigan campaign is not an answer to the Ontario effort, as it was already under consideration when the agency learned the Canadian province was preparing its program.
The Canadian ads promote the attractive exchange rate for U.S. currency in Canada. But Michigan has tax-free renaissance zones, where businesses can be nearly free of state and local taxes for up to 15 years, said Susan Schafer, a representative of the Michigan Jobs Commission.