BrandBuzz Creates Big Chill for Danzka

NEW YORK A print campaign from Young & Rubicam’s BrandBuzz plays off Danzka’s unique metal bottle as a way to muscle the vodka between premium and mainstream brands on a crowded category shelf.

The work marks the Danish vodka’s introduction to the American market. The 3-year-old label was purchased by the Absolut Spirits Co. in 2001, which awarded ad duties on Danzka and Plymouth Gin to BrandBuzz in New York in January.

“We don’t want to be known as a fad vodka—the vodka in the metal bottle that was hot today and gone tomorrow—so we had to give it context, ” said Mike Reese, agency director of client services. To do that, BrandBuzz used the metal bottle to sell Danzka as the vodka “Made to chill.”

In one ad, a bottle of Danzka sits in an ice-filled fishbowl, while two goldfish tread water in a highball glass. In another, the bottle sits in an antique sideboard drawer. The third ad features a potted tree uprooted for the sake of a cold martini, and the fourth shows the vodka chilling in a trophy cup.

Devout vodka drinkers usually have a bottle or two stowed away in their freezers, wedged between some tubs of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, Reese said. The idea behind the ads is that Danzka tastes so good chilled, you’ll want to have it within reach, he said.

Print ads will run in the September editions of Maxim, GQ, Razor and InStyle, among other periodicals. Online banner ads will appear on,, and, Reese said. A sweepstakes tie-in with that site’s fantasy football league will fly the winner and friends to Las Vegas on Danzka’s dime next month, where they will pick their lineups in a hotel suite.

Campaign spending was undisclosed.