Brand of the Day: Glade’s Rebranding Drops the Flowers in Favor of Feelings

Plus, a visit to Manhattan's mysterious aroma lounge

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Glade wants us all to give our loved ones the "gift of feelings" this holiday season. And how would one do that? Well, with Glade products, of course. Now for the strange part: America’s foremost maker of pleasant domestic scents says it’s not selling scents anymore. These days, with a pop-up shop in Manhattan, Glade sells feelings.

Well, it’s hard to blame them. When you’ve been hawking air fresheners since 1956, you’re bound to run out of ways to make that routine interesting. Glade is just making a thematic leap from product (nice smells) to how the products makes people feel (good, hopefully.)

And indeed, there’s science that backs up how scents evoke emotions and memories. Luckily for Glade, there’s also science suggesting that various scents prompt shoppers to reach for their wallets. What’s more, Glade has gone all-out for this feelings pitch, setting up a pop-up shop called the Glade Boutique in the fashionable Meatpacking district. When visitors step inside, a "concierge" stands ready to "help guide their scent and emotion journey"—one that includes a place called the Feelings Lounge, heavy with the aromas of Blooming Peony and Red Honeysuckle Nectar.

Wow, remember when air fresheners only smelled like roses or pine trees?

Glade’s Feelings Lounge comes on the heels of another ambrosial event in late October that featured Cirque du Soleil acrobats channeling scents like Cashmere Woods and Pumpkin Pie Dinner in Madison Square Park. 

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The brand isn't too prolific on its social profiles. Most of the recent posts, like the one above, have focused on garnering interest in its New York City pop-up shop. Now that the shop is open to the public, we'd bet that the brand will be retweeting and sharing posts from consumers that check it out. 

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