Brand of the Day: Coca-Cola’s Fairlife Milk Vows to Move On From Racy Ads

Pin-up girls deemed sexist

It was only been a matter of time before Coca-Cola got into the dairy game.

It's already conquered soda, sports drinks, water and juice. And if you're going to rule the beverage world, you might as well go all in on milk, too. With the 2015 launch of Fairlife, a new high-end milk brand, that's exactly what Coca-Cola is prepared to do. And what better way to get people talking about it than with … smutty marketing? 

Fairlife has already hit a bit of a problem. While testing the product in Denver and Minneapolis, the brand released ads featuring naked women posing like pin-up models wearing nothing but milk shaped into dress-like silhouettes. If the suggestive poses weren't enough to get people angry, some of the women were also standing on scales.

The ads—which appear to use these stock images—ran over the summer but caught traction online in the last few days, with many people calling the brand out for casual sexism. And indeed, Fairlife is distancing itself from the campaign and promising new packaging and advertising for the launch.

"The 'pin-ups' advertising may have been eye-catching," the brand said, "but we're taking a totally new approach. … That campaign was retired in June, and we're super excited about what's to come."

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Since the brand hasn't even officially launched yet, it hadn't been too active on its social profiles—or amassed many followers yet.

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Since the brand is prepping for its launch, many of its YouTube videos work to tell the story of what the brand will be.

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