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Marc’s $50 Mil

Marc’s $50 Mil. Image Campaign Focuses on Leisure, Not Chores
CHICAGO–There’s as much fly-fishing and bicycling as sawing and drilling in Marc Advertising’s new $50 million campaign for True Value hardware stores.
The Pittsburgh shop’s work, which breaks March 9 on network and cable TV, is an effort to build an image for the chain as a place to get help and equipment for weekend chores quickly and easily, leaving time for more enjoyable pursuits.
“We didn’t want to tell people that it’s fun to pound nails,” said Ed Fine, chief creative officer at Marc. “We didn’t try to glorify copper tubing and plumbing.”
The campaign resurrects a tagline dropped about three years ago, “Help is right around the corner.”
Marc was named lead agency by the Chicago-based co-op hardware chain in November after the client split with Leo Burnett here. The agency’s strategy won over True Value executives, who are looking to differentiate their stores from not only other hardware chains but the big home centers.
That difference, research indicated, is convenience. “We’ve always been easier to shop than some of the big box stores,” said Frank Rothing, True Value’s vice president of advertising.
Ads do not focus on tools or vastness of inventory. “Any hardware store that would try to take a home center dead-on would probably lose,” Fine said.
Instead, a calm voiceover and dreamy music are an effort to position True Value as a place that takes care of necessary but not always enjoyable chores.
“At hardware stores you get the advice you need. Consumers understand that,” said Michele Fabrizi, president and chief operating officer at Marc. “We said, ‘Let’s own this.’ “
Three TV spots will run throughout the year, including during prime time shows such as ER and 60 Minutes. Local True Value owners can get versions of the 30-second spots edited for a 5-second promotional tag. K