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Boxerjam, a provider of online games and puzzles for the casual gamer, today is expected to launch a proprietary member awards program, which lets registered users earn redeemable Net currency called “Bchips.”’s new program–which partners with online redemption currency company, New York, and Saratoga, Calif.-based online marketing application service provider –will allow prize winners on the site to redeem their Bchips at more than 40 sites where Flooz payments are accepted. The list of participating partner e-tailer sites includes Tower Records Online, and, among others.
According to Temple Fennell, co-founder of, the site’s mostly female audience is often pressed for time. “These are very busy women,” said Fennell. “Leisure time is one of their most precious commodities and we feel they should be rewarded for [visiting the site].” features 15 gameshows and puzzles aimed at casual gamers, especially women. The site receives over 2.5 million user each month.
Robert Levitan, co-founder and CEO of, said the agreement was a perfect match between service and target audience. “The people who visit Boxerjam are online gamers,” he said. “What do they want to do? They want to shop online. It’s the right reward for the right audience.”
The new program will be promoted on the site, as well as through Boxer-’s member newsletter.