Bozell Unveils Latest for NEEP

Bozell Kamstra’s latest effort for Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships humorously presents “extreme” conservation scenarios to drive interest in energy-efficient products that carry the Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star label.

In one broadcast execution a husband and wife are seen doing laundry. As the husband is about to toss a shirt into the hamper, the wife asks, “What are you doing?” Incredulously, he replies, “But, it’s dirty.” The wife counters, “Both sides?” At the end of spot, the husband is sporting the inside-out. A voice over says, “There’s a better way to save energy. Energy Star-labeled clothes washers use about half the water and energy of conventional washers. Save money without sacrifice.”

In another spot, guests at a cocktail party are in the dark after the host shuts off lights. As they trip over one another and yell, “Someone tripped the circuit breaker,” the hostess whispers, “You tripped the circuit breaker?”

The campaign’s tagline is , “Money isn’t all your saving.” Spending is $2-3 million.

Bozell, Danvers, Mass., has been working with the client, a consortium of regional utility companies, since 1998. Past work featured pint-sized New Hampshire native Tesia Whittier. “[In the new campaign] the message is at the center of the campaign, not the little girl,” said Bozell’s Jeff Drake.