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Bozell Gives Ray-Ban Vampire Chic

Client’s First Global Ads Tack Protection Onto Fashion Positioning
NEW YORK-Bozell Worldwide this month will launch the first global ad campaign for Ray-Ban sunglasses introducing the tagline: “Definitely Ray-Ban.” The ads have been in development for more than a year as they went through extensive testing, according to the client.
The ad effort for the 1998 collection consists of one TV spot and five print ads. The work retains Ray-Ban’s fashion positioning while also touting the quality and sun protection the brand offers.
In the 30-second TV spot, a group of young, hip vampires, all sporting Ray-Bans, are gathered at the beach waiting for the sunrise. Another vampire makes his way through town to join them. He arrives just as the sun comes up, only to find he has forgotten his Ray-Bans. The ill-equipped creature is then incinerated by the light (illustrating the protective benefits of the brand), as his cohorts cackle with delight.
The vampire metaphor continues in one print ad while others focus on different product attributes such as impact and scratch resistance.
The spot airs at the end of March; print ads break in March magazines. Bozell will handle worldwide media duties, except for a few countries where it will be placed by local shops.
The campaign is “a terrific example of one product, one message, one world. These ads will be as effective in Melbourne, [Australia,] as they would be in Minneapolis,” said Bozell chief creative officer Jay Schulberg.
Bob Moore, vice president of global Ray-Ban and new product development, said Bozell won the global assignment in early 1997. Prior to that, the account had been consolidated at London’s Bartle Bogle Hegarty, which only held the business for about six months. Moore said BBH and Ray-Ban parted over creative differences before the shop broke any advertising. Prior to BBH, Ray-Ban had been assigned regionally by local shops. In the U.S., Arnell Group Brand Consulting here handled.
The Sunglass Association of America reports that Ray-Ban is the nation’s largest sunglass marketer; its close rivals are Oakley, Foster Grant and Nike.