Blur Invites Upscale to the Unspoiled

NEW YORK In an effort to get early adopters back onto Carribean beaches, Blur Advertising is launching an estimated $2 million campaign for Turks and Caicos, an archipelago that agency president Joseph Tolton calls “underdeveloped in a positive way.”

Three print ads breaking in September issues of magazines including Carribean World, Carribean Travel & Life, Conde Nast Traveler and Bridal Guide depict the pristine beaches and waters of Turks and Caicos islands. “Beautiful by nature” is the tagline.

One ad, which shows two beach chairs and an umbrella on a sandbar, states, “Where those who’ve got it, go,” a nod to the upscale travelers who may be attracted to islands unspoiled by hordes of tourists.

“What we found was that the islands of Turks and Caicos aren’t terribly well known,” said Tolton. “These islands are really underdeveloped and are much more pristine and rustic … You don’t have to look through lots of hotel structures to find the original beauty of the island.”

Tolton said while the campaign is running in magazines with a wide readership, the ads target travelers who look for undiscovered, unproven resorts and vacation spots.

“People who had iPods before they became popular,” said Tolton. “If you went to Croatia in the last year or two, you went during the tipping point before it became cool,” you are among the travel industry’s first adopters, he said.

The ads will run through the end of the year. Blur Advertising in New York is a subsidiary of MDC Partners’ Margeotes|Fertitta + Partners.