Blockbuster Drops Old Tagline; New Campaign Ready to Break

CHICAGO – Blockbuster Video is expected to replace its longtime ‘Wow What a Difference!’ tagline in a new campaign it will launch next month during Paul McCartney’s first-ever prime time concert on the Fox network.
Details on the new campaign were unavailable last week, but Blockbuster will make a big network push behind the new ads. The chain apparently is shifting emphasis from local spot buys and promotions to network this year. Last year Blockbuster spent more than $19 million on spot TV, and only $7 million on network, according to Leading National Advertisers.
The new emphasis on network will most likely benefit Bernstein-Rein, which handles the main portion of the $40-million business.
The campaign is only part of a major summer advertising and marketing push for the video-rental giant that will include a promotional tie-in with CBS. Blockbuster and CBS have joined forces to create a ‘video magazine’ called ‘Hot Picks’ that will be distributed free with rentals in its 2,100 locations. The 10-minute video that will include previews of films and CBS programing.
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