The Big Read

In order to get a read on consumer behavior online, The Magazine Publishers of America, New York, has been periodically polling the people who visit its members’ Web sites. People who have participated in the survey, which has been ongoing since Q3 2000, are mostly female (64 percent), mostly 18-49 years old, (84 percent) and mostly employed full-time (63 percent). Thirty-three percent made between $20K and $49.9K a year, and 20 percent made between $50K and $74.9K. The following data points are some of what the respondents said they did, wanted to do and believed in online.

Most popular and least popular products to buy online:
Most: Apparel or accessories (52 percent bought)
Least: Jewelry (9 percent bought)

The “No, I like being bombarded by advertising” dept.:
68 percent said they “would like the opportunity to instantly purchase [a] product” featured on a Web site.
32 percent said they wouldn’t.

OK, I’ll read it, but I refuse to pay for it:
Percentage of people who have paid to subscribe to an online magazine: 9 percent
Percentage of people who have paid for online content: 2 percent
Percentage of people who have never paid for either: 89 percent

Source: The Magazine Publishers of America