Beauty Brand Posts Selfies With Lipstick-Kissed Hands to Fight Cyberbullying

Tarte Cosmetics' 'Kiss and Makeup' campaign

With more people posting selfies on Instagram every day, the chance that others will leave negative comments is at an all-time high. But Tarte Cosmetics, which wanted to find a way to speak out against cyberbullying, is encouraging people to post even more selfies—using the hashtag #KissAndMakeup.

Created in partnership with anti-bullying group Bystander Revolution, the campaign kicked off with a small group of makeup artists posting photos of themselves with one hand covering their mouths. The lipstick kiss marks on the backs of their hands are meant to show love and support for cyberbullying victims.

After noticing a string of negative comments on some of the brand's own Instagram posts, Tarte Cosmetics CMO Candace Craig Bulishak said the company decided it needed to step in and stand behind the thousands of people who experience bullying online.

"We didn't understand why people would take time out of their day to fight with each other or just be mean," Bulishak told Adweek. "The more prevalent it became, we knew we wanted to publicly say something and have our voices heard. When we thought of 'fighting,' we decided we wanted our fans to #KissAndMakeup. From there, we knew we wanted to portray it in an artistic way that aligned with our brand, and the kiss on the back of the hand fit perfectly."

Since the campaign kicked off around Valentine's Day, over 15,000 people—including actress Chloë Grace Moretz, fashion and beauty vlogger Louise Pentland and motivational speaker Lizzie Velásquez—have posted their own photos on Instagram using the hashtag.

"The amount of people actively posting on their own is incredibly moving," Bulishak said. "We've been blown away by the response of our tartelettes [Tarte Cosmetics' fans] and the positive engagement they've had with each other. Our goal has always been to use our social platforms and reach to encourage our fans to spread positivity rather than judge someone's appearance, which is why this initiative is so important to us. We know that cyberbullying is a constant cycle, so anything we can do to slow it down and make the Internet a more peaceful, happy place is a success for us."


So happy to be part of this amazing cause to end cyber bullying!! Living in a society like ours which can be so focused on image, we have a tendency to label everything and judge everyone.. And it's easy to overlook the consequences of our actions. A lot people who partake in cyber bullying don't fully realize the impact and repercussions their hate will have. When you cyber bully you are bullying real people with real emotions. So let's spread LOVE and not HATE!!! Let's use the Internet to spread a wealth of POSITIVITY where we can all band together to make 2016 our most positive year yet!!! So please join me in the #kissandmakeup campaign !! All you have to do is kiss the back of your hand and post it on Social media with these tags !! #kissandmakeup @bystanderrevolution xx @tartecosmetics

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