BBL Unveils Its First Creative for OpenSky

Even heroes need up-to-date equipment. That’s the strategy behind the latest print campaign by BBL Advertising for OpenSky.

OpenSky, Lowell, Mass., a division of M/A-COM Corp., provides wireless communications products—such as hand-held radios and base stations—for various public safety segments.

BBL’s campaign, themed “Three Heroes,” highlights the impact OpenSky systems can have on the daily lives of police, firefighters and emergency medical personnel.

The tagline for the campaign is, “Always on. Always there.”

The campaign’s mission: get across that the OpenSky system ensures that public safety professionals are always able to communicate with team members, the paramedics or the police.

Copy in one of the ad reads, “He takes risks every day. With OpenSky, his communication system isn’t one of them. His Job: Lt. Jake Richards doesn’t enter a burning building without the right equipment—his turnout gear, his SCBA, and his OpenSky radio. … OpenSky gives you a flex-ible, scalable, packet switched mobile communications network with end-to-end IP voice and data applications for your state-wide, regional or local network.”

That execution recently broke. Other ads to follow in coming months, and the second execution will break in November.

Ads are running in Radio Resource Magazine and Mobile Radio Technology Magazine.

“The people we are trying to target are the types of heroes we have chosen,” said Dave Hutcheson, marketing communications manager at M/A-COM.

The ads are Acton, Mass.-based BBL’s first effort for OpenSky.

BBL is also crafting a comprehensive public safety brochure featuring the entire OpenSky product line, according to BBL’s press release.

Subsequent initiatives will include a full redesign of OpenSky collateral as well as a new Web site.

Overall, M/A-COM has 4,000 employees. The corporate headquarters and another plant are located in Lowell, in addition to other locations worldwide.