BASF Recognizes the Woman of the House

NEW YORK After completing a study that showed women make the majority of decisions regarding pest control for the home, chemical giant BASF has given its Termidor ads more of a family feel.

A $4 million “Termidor termite defense” campaign kicks off on Feb. 7, at the dawn of termite-swarming season, according to the client. Two 30-second TV spots, via Fleming & Van Metre, Plymouth Meeting, Pa., discuss the benefits of the product. One stresses the peace of mind women have knowing their home has been treated, which allows mom to spend quality time with her family. The second ad plays on Termidor’s status as the No. 1 product in the $5.6 billion pest control industry.

Previous ads touted “termite control,” a concept that was lost on consumers, the client said.

“It was time to update the message and talk about home defense, something that means more to the target consumer,” said Karl Kisner, senior marketing manager at BASF in Research Triangle Park, N.C.

F&V’s ads will run on national cable (Fox News, HGTV), network TV in 25 local markets and radio in nine markets through June. The work, which targets high-income women homeowners ages 29-55, is tagged with a call to action for the local pest control operator that uses the BASF product.

A “Towering Termite Tour” educational marketing campaign will continue at museums, zoos and science centers in 16 cities.