Avocados From Mexico Releases a Wonderfully Wacky, Guacamole-Filled Super Bowl Teaser

Chris Elliott dances among rainbows and avocados

Incumbents GSD&M and Arnold both sat out the review.
Avocados from Mexico

Get ready for your mind to be blown by all the wonderful things you can put guacamole on (we’re talking toast, sandwiches, tacos and more) thanks to Avocados From Mexico. The trade group released a teaser for its 30-second Super Bowl spot, which will focus on the versatility of guacamole.

GSD&M is handling the creative.

This marks the trade group’s fourth consecutive appearance in the Big Game. In true Avocados From Mexico fashion the ad promises to be just as wild and lighthearted as past Super Bowl spots. Last year there was a super-secret society that learned what a little thing called subliminal advertising was all about, and the year before there was a space museum that taught aliens about humans.

Actor Chris Elliott stars in the teaser. He dons a lovely white turtleneck and hints at some of the great things you can use your game day guacamole on. It’s unclear whether Elliott will star in the final ad.

Outside of running a 30-second spot, Avocados From Mexico will also run a big digital push on and leading up to game day. Fans will be able to send avocado selfie emojis to friends through a partnership with Inmoji. Avocados From Mexico also created a whole digital world, GuacWorld, for fans to explore.

See the 30-second teaser below:

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