If the word “gardening” prompts you to picture an old lady in a sun bonnet, you’re not entirely off the mark. Yankelovich’s Monitor Minute newsletter notes that gardeners are older on average than non-gardeners. But it also makes the point that about one-fourth of those who garden are under age 35, while fewer than half are over 50.

In all, 47 percent of adults (and 53 percent of homeowners) said they “garden or work in the yard in their spare time for fun and enjoyment.” Many of them even consume the fruits (or the vegetables) of their labors, as 30 percent said they now grow some of their own food.

While the Older Gardeners (as Yankelovich calls those 35-65) spend more money on home improvements than do Young Gardeners, the young ones spend more than their elders on lawn and garden products ($680 vs. $540 per year). The young also “consider it important to stretch themselves to try new things” in their gardening.