Via, Aura360 Back Jeep TV Series

BOSTON Via and its Aura360 affiliate have launched a campaign touting the new NBC TV series Jeep World of Adventure Sports.

“Adventure sports are rapidly gaining popularity, attracting competitors and spectators alike,” said Rich Rico, chief creative officer at Via. “The audience we need to reach is young and savvy. They don’t want to feel marketed to – so we’ve developed ways to promote brands naturally, by bringing them into the action of the programming.”

A print execution broke last week in Sports Illustrated. The effort will ultimately roll out in a variety of sports-oriented publications including Sports Illustrated Adventure, Rocky Mountain Sports, Metro Sports New York, Windy City Sports and Competitor. The campaign runs through December and also includes Web, public relations and collateral components.

The executions feature the headline, “Sport is evolving.” One ad shows a caterpillar changing into a cocoon; the last image shows a woman para-sailer bursting out of the cocoon. Another compares pictures of frogs climbing to a female rock climber. The copy reads, “Presenting the rarest breed of sports show to emerge from your television. Only on NBC.”

Spending on the camapaign was not disclosed.

Aura360 was founded in 2003 and is partly owned by independent Via in Portland, Maine.