Asher/Gal Adds 2 to Client List

Asher/Gal & Partners has landed two new clients to add to its roster of social-marketing and general market accounts.

Asher was recently tapped by C.L.E.A.R and 1GlobalPlace, both of Los Angeles. Combined billings are about $6 million.

Asher will be handling media for both accounts.

“To merge and have new business successes reinforces the merits of the merger and the new partnership,” president Ken Gal said of the recent union of Asher & Partners and Italia Gal—both Los Angeles.

Both accounts resulted from open reviews and arrive on the heels of the merged agency’s recent landing of the Washington Department of Health anti-smoking campaign.

The $15 million account, contracted through Seattle-based DeLaunay/Phillips, will be paid over three years.

The agency plans to roll out a new campaign for C.L.E.A.R—Cosmetic, Laser, eye and refractive—within 60 days. This account has an estimated budget between $2-4 million. C.L.E.A.R specializes in Lasik and cosmetic eye surgery. Asher will also debut a print campaign to be followed by possible radio and outdoor ads.

1GlobalPlace is a B2B company that helps U.S.-based businesses acquire or recapture domain names in other countries. It also aids companies with foreign government protocols and municipal regulations.

Asher plans to unveil a branding campaign for 1GlobalPlace that is primarily print work. 1GlobalPlace has a budget that is estimated between $1-$3 million.