Arnold Breaks Work for Klipsch Sound Systems

CHICAGO Havas’ Arnold in St. Louis has launched its first work for Klipsch Audio Technologies, a print campaign that highlights the design as well as the performance of two new sound systems.

“That tingling sensation in your chest is love—and bass,” reads the headline in one two-page-spread ad that backs Klipsch’s Cinema 6 Home Theater System. The ads, which are running in September and October issues of high-end stereo and home-theater magazines, feature beauty shots of the equipment and highlight appearance as well as performance in copy.

Klipsch, which “has been known for wonderful speakers on the inside, now has beautiful stuff on the outside,” said Les Diveley, president of Arnold in St. Louis. “The look of the equipment is much more important.”

Arnold picked up the Indianapolis-based Klipsch account in May without a review. The company’s advertising had been handled in-house and focused on loudspeakers with the 50-year-old tagline, “A legend in sound,” said Cris Pyle, director of marketing. The tagline is not in the new ads, and its future is in debate, Pyle said.

Most recent ads featured testimonials from musicians such as Jonny Lang and Emmylou Harris. Future loudspeaker advertising from Arnold will be closer in appearance to the agency’s debut effort, Pyle said.

“We wanted something people could imagine in their own home,” Pyle said, explaining the move to what she called a “lifestyle campaign.”

Klipsch spent $2 million on advertising last year, according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus. Pyle declined to disclose spending, but said ads behind the Cinema 6 and RVX systems will get the bulk of attention through the rest of the year.