Arnell ‘Outperforms’ for Reebok

BOSTON Reebok has unveiled a global ad push from Arnell Group.

“Outperform” features a host of international athletes such as American tennis player Andy Roddick, pro footballer Ray Lewis, basketball great Allen Iverson, European soccer star Ryan Giggs, Swedish track performer Carolina Kluft and Russian gymnast Alexei Nemov. The sports stars are shown in a montage of shots, “outperforming” in each of their respective activities.

The work carries the tagline, “Wear the Vector. Outperform.” Both 60- and 30-second versions are in the mix and will run on national cable networks such as Fox Sports Net, Comedy Central, BET, VH1, MTV and Spike TV. The commercials will also air on network television stations such as CBS and ABC beginning Aug. 25.

New York-based Arnell Group, Reebok’s lead marketing agency, created the spot. Director Ridley Scott’s production company, RSA USA, produced the ad.

“Ridley and his team succeeded in doing for our Vector campaign what they have done with some of the most powerful and successful films in movie history. They made magic,” said Micky Pant, chief marketing officer at Reebok in Canton, Mass.

“These Vector ads are the result of a talented team of professionals from Ridley Scott’s RSA USA, Arnell Group and Reebok, combining their creativity and expertise to artistically and dramatically articulate the global power of the Reebok Vector, the definitive symbol of sports authenticity.”