Argus Helps KeySpan Reach Hispanics

BOSTON KeySpan Energy this week breaks a bilingual advertising campaign via Argus.

The work is designed to inform Hispanics in New England and New York about the benefits of heating with natural gas, the agency said.

Tagged “Enjoy now. Pay later,” the campaign touts an offer that allows customers to convert their heating system to natural gas quickly, but defer the conversion payments for six months. One print ad pictures a mother relaxing at home with her son. The scope of the effort includes print, radio and direct mail. Campaign spending was not disclosed. The client spent slightly more than $2 million on ads last year, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus.

“We wanted a campaign that would be meaningful to the Hispanic community and would reach them in a manner that is culturally appropriate and in their language of comfort,” said Joseph Rende, director of corporate marketing for KeySpan, in a statement. “We found a great partner in Argus. We were very impressed with their experience and knowledge of both the New York and Massachusetts Hispanic markets. They bring to the table deep internal resources that are bilingual, bicultural, with expertise for research, marketing, direct mail and advertising.”

“Being Hispanic is about being part of a culture, not just about language and race,” said Zamawa Arenas, principal of the multicultural Argus, in a statement. “We must understand acculturation levels, appeal to shared values, and experiences, while reinforcing brand attributes that are relevant to Latinos.”

Boston-based Argus is a Latino-owned, full-service advertising agency. Clients include the City of Boston, Neighborhood Health Plan, New Boston Fund and Sodexho North America.