Amica Continues To Stress Service

Amica maintains its emphasis on customer service in a $10 million TV and radio campaign from Cossette Post that aims to raise the insurer’s profile in regions beyond the Northeast.

In three TV spots for the Lincoln, R.I., client that break today, an Amica agent emerges from unlikely places to help customers. In one ad, a golfer trying to clear a water hazard is helped when his ball bounces off what appears to be a lily pad. The pad turns out to be the agent, sporting a lily-pad cap. The spots keep the brand’s three-year-old tagline, “Auto. Home. Life. Integrity.”

Last year’s effort, which featured actor John Lithgow narrating in a Twilight Zone style, also stressed service. He was dropped to save money and because using a celebrity was not seen as necessary to convey the message, said Amica svp John Connors.

The company can back up its service claim—J.D. Powers and Associates this month ranked Amica as the top insurer in customer satisfaction for the fourth straight year.

The spots will run most heavily in the Midwest, Southwest and Northwest, Connors said.

Amica’s spending is down from last year, although Connors declined to provide specifics. The budget was cut because the 2002 effort was deemed to have worked too well, with sales up about 10 percent. “We’re always concerned about growing too fast,” he said. “That puts strain on the kind of service we want to deliver.”