Ameritech Products Personified In New Ammirati Campaign

Ameritech uses an energetic “gal Friday” named Margaret to personify the benefits of its pager and voicemail services in a new campaign from Ammirati Puris Lintas here.
The Chicago-based communications company hopes Margaret will tap a new pool of customers for products like caller ID, voicemail and paging by alerting people to the time management potential of such services, said Bruce Chatterley, vice president of marketing for Ameritech Consumer Services.
The new campaign will concentrate, in its first month, on branding Ameritech’s various offerings, before going to a heavier promotional run, Chatterley said.
The initial spots play on research showing that harried families are interested in “tools to help them manage their time,” humorously suggesting a receptionist is one solution, he said.
“Everybody’s multitasking nowadays, and the thought is, ‘Wouldn’t it be great to have a receptionist like at the office?'” said Tim Kane, co-creative director at APL Chicago. “[Margaret] represents what Ameritech’s products can do for you.”
The spots end with Ameritech’s tagline: “In a world of technology, people make the difference.”
Print and radio executions will complement the TV spots.

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