Alibaba and Kantar Join Forces to Redefine Brand-Building in Chinese Market

The companies have outlined three solutions to improve strategy

Marketers of Chinese and global brands see their strategies outpaced by the scope, scale and speed of the Chinese media landscape. Getty Images
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Marketers globally are seeing their strategies outpaced by the speed and scope of the Chinese consumer market and media. Alibaba Group and Kantar today announced at Cannes that they have joined forces to redefine brand-building strategies to address this regionally based disparity. The partnership will leverage Kantar’s research IP and Alibaba’s consumer insights and data on Chinese consumer behavior.

“The Chinese market is one of the most difficult and rewarding places in the world to do business,” said Eric Salama, CEO, Kantar. “Our partnership with Alibaba is unique in the marketplace today.”

As a result of the partnership, Kantar has released three high-level solutions for linking brand-building strategies with in-market activation, enabling marketers to “respond to today’s market conditions today” as well as enabling brands and businesses to facilitate long-term brand growth while seeing short-term market impact.

These solutions involve looking at real-time brand trends, enabling marketers to instantaneously act upon insights and measure a campaign’s performance as it happens. The collaboration will allow brands to understand consumer needs four times faster and be up to 40 percent more cost-effective, Salama said.

“The combination of Alibaba’s unparalleled understanding of over 500 million mobile Chinese consumers, created by leveraging Alibaba’s technology, data and rich consumer insights when combined with Kantar’s proven methodologies is transforming brand and product loyalty,” said Chris Tung, CMO, Alibaba Group.

@AlissaFleck Alissa Fleck is a New York City-based reporter, podcast producer and contributor to Adweek.