This Agency Is Trying to Raise Millennials’ Blood Pressure

160over90 brings a human element to its marketing


Who Principals Shannon Slusher (l.), CEO, and Darryl Cilli, CCO

What Agency focused on sports, lifestyle and higher-education projects

Where Philadelphia

When 160over90’s founders opened their shop in 2001, they knew right away this wasn’t going to be one of those let’s-smash-our-names-together agencies, given that the result would have been Cilli Slusher—which conjures up an image of county-fair Slurpees. Rather, the independent agency’s name is tied to something more human: elevated blood pressure. “Why would anyone come to us for just TV spots? They want human reaction,” explained chief creative officer Darryl Cilli. Using teenage consumer insights gleaned from its core higher-education clients, 160over90 has added marketers like American Eagle Outfitters, Under Armour, Nike and the Miami Dolphins pro football franchise. A labor of love is the hometown team Philadelphia Eagles: An online film the agency released featuring a John Legend and the Roots soundtrack got more than 1 million views in just two days.