On the Adweek Podcast: What the Closing of Barton F. Graf Means

Plus, a mid-year brand check

coverage coalition affordable care act 2017 advertisements
The independent shop was behind the 2017 TV spots for the Coverage Coalition, which called on ad agencies to help promote the Affordable Care Act.
Coverage Coalition

On this week’s episode of Adweek’s podcast Yeah, That’s Probably an Ad, we discuss independent creative agency Barton F. Graf deciding to close its doors. The agency was known as one of the weirdest in the business—so what does its demise mean for other small shops and the industry as a whole?

Also, it’s time for a mid-year brand check-up: Which brands are breaking out, which have been quiet, and why?

Creative and innovation editor David Griner and social media editor Kimeko McCoy are joined by retail reporter Ann-Marie Alcántara. You can stream the episode below, subscribe via Apple Podcasts or look for us on Spotify.

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