Adweek Daily Brief: How Grey’s Global Work Led to Cannes Sweep

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Thanks to work from 18 global offices, Grey set itself apart from the agency pack at Cannes this year with 113 Lions wins. Plus, a three-year-old shirt company Mizzen + Main has used celebrity customers, and a virtually nonexistent marketing budget, to sell its wares. 

New on Adweek:

Mizzen + Main finds branding success with no marketing budget

With a tiny marketing budget, shirt brand Mizzen + Main has seen sales increase thanks to high-profile athletes, with big social media presences, buying its shirts. 

Inside Grey's huge year at Cannes

This year Grey took home an impressive 113 Lions thanks to work produced in 18 global offices. The agency also scored four Grand Prix Lions this year.

IBM turns staffers into brand ambassadors

Recently, IBM has turned a group of about 1,000 staffers into social media advocates for the company and its products.  

The 18 best outdoor campaigns

Take a look at the 18 best outdoor campaigns from 2014-2015, all top winners at this year's Cannes Lions festival. 

Spot from gay-marriage opponents uses LGBT themes

A new campaign from conservative nonprofit Catholic Vote uses LGBT themes in its spot to deliver the message that they are against same-sex marriage. 

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Industry Shake-Ups: 

Heineken taps Publicis

Just two weeks after Wieden + Kennedy parted ways with Heineken, the brand tapped Publicis to take over. (Adweek)