This Ad Hilariously Skewers Every Bad Business Cliché Your Coworkers Have Uttered

Avaya's outside-the-box idea

With the business world comes jargon, and with the Internet, well, only more jargon. In a new campaign for Avaya, a communications technology company, the buzzword-heavy business world is delightfully, hilariously skewered.

The fun new spot, made by public relations shop FleishmanHillard in collaboration with YouTube comedy duo Tripp and Tyler, features quick clips of business people saying overused phrases like "ping me" and "let's talk offline," which sound especially silly when taken out of context. It draws on a video format made popular in 2011 by the Web series Shit Girls Say

The messaging is on point, too, since Avaya is hawking its solution for removing language barriers in the office: Ava is an online assistant that functions like a dictionary for popular business buzzwords. Beyond educating workers through technology, Avaya hopes the campaign will drive brand awareness.

To figure out which words to skewer, FleishmanHillard surveyed nearly 300 Avaya employees as to their most—or least—favorite business clichés, according to a spokeswoman. 

The belief that the business world would be more efficient if coworkers communicated their needs clearly and without the buzzwords might not be new, but the campaign is still fun.