Ad Effort Dawns for Pacifico Beer

CHICAGO Crown Imports will showcase Mexican import Pacifico with its first domestic TV campaign.

Creature in Seattle shot the “Mexico via Pacifico” spots using Super 8 cameras to create a home-movie look. Visuals show the Baja experience amid product shots of the imported brew by following surfers on an off-the-beaten-path trip.

In one execution, roosters awaken a pair of travelers sleeping on the beach who then surf, play cards and watch the sunset. A shot of a title card urges viewers to “set their rooster to Pacifico standard time.”

The effort is slated for a two-year run with outdoor support. Print backing with the headline “All the Spanish you need to know” will appear in national magazines including Backpacker, Blender, Esquire, Maxim and Men’s Health.

The 2007 advertising campaign continues to focus on Pacifico’s prestige, which comes “from the memories of traveling through Mexico, and its strong connection to that experience,” said Kevin Kramnic, vp, promotional marketing for Crown, a Chicago-based joint venture between Constellation Brands and Mexico’s leading brewer, Grupo Modelo. The latter also makes No. 1 import Corona Extra.