Ad of the Day: Valspar

Watching paint dry isn't so dull after all

Watching paint dry isn't as dull as we thought. In fact, it can be a feast for the senses, as evidenced by this spot by Draftfcb Chicago (with help from Psyop) for Valspar Hi-Def Advanced Color System paint. We see an attractive female home decorator dip a brush into a can of electric-blue paint, with the classic drop of liquid splashing in slow motion and then an explosion of sparks as the paint is applied. The shock travels up painter's arm, and by now the bass-laden sound effects have built to a crescendo. It does feel like a shock, and the language and imagery all convey the idea of something high-tech going on, as reflected in the product's name. Non-tech brands tread a fine line when they try to usurp tech language and imagery for their products. Many attempts fall flat. But this spot avoids that trap by not dwelling on the science talk, but just assaulting the senses with visuals and sound to create an electrifying sensation. And speaking of tech, the company is taking its message into modern marketing channels, giving away 100,000 free samples to those who like the brand on Facebook.


Client: Valspar

Agency: Draftfcb Chicago

Spot: "Powerful Reactions"

Creative Director: Drew Donatelle

Art Directors: Kristin Haley, Andy Kohman

Copywriter: Josh Hurley

Agency Producer: Cary Potterfield

Production Company: Psyop; Venice, Calif.

Directors: Alex Hanson, Tibo Debaveye

Director of Photography: Tobias Schliessler

Editor: Brett Nicoletti

Sound Design: Human

Principal Talent: Aria Pullman