Ad of the Day: Turkish Airlines Lands One of the Year’s Loveliest Commercials

For these kids, dreams do come true

Turkish Airlines is known to the advertising world mostly for its goofy, fun-loving, insanely popular ads with Kobe Bryant and Lionel Messi. But the brand shows its versatility with this gorgeous new spot from Lowe Istanbul—almost the polar opposite of those celebrity ads.

The new two-minute commercial is grand in its own way, but with a much more intimate story, deftly told. It's about a group of kids in a small Anatolian village in the Turkish countryside whose dream is to have a plane land literally in their backyard. To achieve this, they build a rudimentary landing strip, which they improve over the course of the ad to better beckon to the massive jetliners passing by obliviously in the distance.

Watch the rest to see what happens.

The spot, directed by Bahadir Karatas through Filmpark, is absolutely stunning visually—and really captures the sense of wonder that children feel about flying. In that sense, it's reminiscent of McCann Norway's Wideröe spot from a few years ago—particularly the opening image of the new ad.

Campaign reports that the spot—touting the carrier's commitment to flying domestically (much like Wideröe did), not just internationally—doesn't use any actors and took three months to make. The effort was worth it, as you almost certainly won't find better storytelling or filmmaking in an airline ad this year.

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Client: Turkish Airlines

Agency: Lowe Istanbul

Director: Bahadir Karatas, Filmpark