Ad of the Day: Save the Children Does a Hairy, Hilarious Holiday Spoof of Southern Comfort

Save my eyeballs from Harry Enfield while you're at it

Headshot of Alfred Maskeroni

If 'tis indeed the season to be jolly—and being jolly involves either putting on some clothes for charity, or taking them off—then today is your lucky day!

Save the Children, which created Adweek's No. 2 ad of 2014, is wrapping up the year with another wild production, though this one considerably less bleak. The charity teamed up with British comedian Harry Enfield to parody Southern Comfort's infamous beach spot from the "Whatever's Comfortable" campaign.

In the perfect spoof from Contagious London and director Paul Weiland, Mr. Enfield strolls down the beach in the dead of winter wearing not much more then a smirk and some back hair, then dons a jumper (or "sweater" for you Americans) and a Save the Children collection bucket.

All this to promote Christmas Jumper Day, which takes place Dec. 12. Take a look below at this uncanny spot, which may or may not inspire you to break out your trimmer.

Client: Save the Children
Agency: Contagious London
Creatives: Mary Wear and Paul Weiland
Director: Paul Weiland

@maskeroni Alfred Maskeroni is director of video for Adweek.