Ad of the Day: In the Raw

With the right sweetener, breakup brownies can be empowering

The impulse to gorge on sweets in the wake of getting dumped is likely to exacerbate feelings of self-pity by turning you into a cow. Lucky for you, In the Raw—marketers of all-natural sugar and a zero-calorie sweetener—is happy to mitigate your infatuation with your own inadequacy by facilitating a less-fattening brownie. "Crush that pan," soothes Academy Award winner Frances McDormand in the voiceover on one new spot, below, from Mother in New York. Then get off your ass and go to the club, says the ad, where you won't pay to get in. "It's only natural" (that's the tagline) because you're a girl, and that's totally cool. Maybe there you'll find yourself a new, less-douchey guy who won't end your relationship via email after four years.

Low calorie or not, it seems unwise to wolf down an entire tray of confections, especially if you then run around town drinking and dancing. But it's a well-written spot: compassionate, comedic, and understated. And the protagonist cuts a more sympathetic figure than the vindictive, beverage-obsessed diner in the campaign's second ad, who'd be willing to forgive all her waitress's incompetence but the cardinal sin of screwing up her tea-to-sweet ratio by giving her a free refill. Really, the gall.


Client: In the Raw

Agency: Mother, New York

Creative: Jordan Chouteau

Creative: April Mathis

Creative: Mark Aver

Creative: Bobby Hershfield

Creative: Paul Malmstrom

Agency Producer: Emma Starzacher

Production Company: Anonymous Content

Director: Brett Morgen

Head of Production: Sue Ellen Claire

Line Producer: Mark Walejko

Editor: James Rosen

Production Supervisor: James Groves

Editing Company: Lost Planet

Editor: Paul Snyder

Producer: Marcia Wigley

Postproduction Company: Black Hole

Telecine: Tim Masick, CO3

Sound: Audio Engine