Ad of the Day: Paris Hilton Is Back to Wash Cars and Sex-Eat Some Burgers

Carl's Jr. returns to the socialite who started it all

Paris Hilton has almost come full circle, returning to the hypersexualized Carl's Jr. ad campaign that began when she sudsed up a Bentley in 2005.

The fast-food chain's strategy of selling hamburgers by wrapping them in scantily clad swimsuit models and busty pop culture icons has become a cornerstone of its advertising, thanks largely to Hilton's car washing, uh, skills.

Now she makes a cameo in the brand's newest commercial from 72andsunny, and this time she's serving as a sort of elder stateswoman advising Sports Illustrated model Hannah Ferguson on how to best clean a vehicle while also fellating a sandwich. (It's worth noting that at age 33, Hilton is not the campaign's most seasoned participant. That honor probably goes to Heidi Klum, who was just short of her 40th birthday when she played a meat-loving Mrs. Robinson.)

Supposedly the new ad has something to do with Texas, from which Ferguson hails and around which a new burger is themed. But really that's all whatever, who cares, because bikinis, suds, writhing, meat, etc.

Hilton's abrupt appearance in the ad does have a sort of strange logic, and not just because the soundtrack is a Texas-themed redux of Cole Porter's "I Love Paris." Hilton, who seemed to have faded from the public eye for a while, has, according to people who pay attention to these things, been making a comeback of sorts over the past year.

If that's the case, she at least picked a more respectable way of raising her visibility again than simply releasing another sex tape. 

The original:


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@GabrielBeltrone Gabriel Beltrone is a frequent contributor to Adweek.