Ad of the Day: Oh God, Raid Made a Triptych of ‘Paintings’ Out of 60,000 Dead Roaches

Bug spray makes artfully disgusting collages of its victims

Roaches may be hideous, but even they can be turned into beautiful works of art—so long as they're dead.

A new campaign from bug spray Raid features a series of three billboards made entirely from the carcasses of cockroaches—roughly 20,000 for each poster.

Agency EnergyBBDO hired artist Jonathan Kenyon of design studio Vault49 to create the ads. His team meticulously placed various sizes of bug corpses onto the canvasses, shaping images like a Grim Reaper riding a fighter jet, meant to convey Raid's fast killing power.

The results are, visually speaking, fairly metal, even if the medium makes them strong contenders for the most disgusting ads of 2016.

It's actually not the first time this sort of thing has been done. Last year, insect repellent Glorix and BBDO Russia turned the blood from splattered mosquitos into paint, making miniature portraits to get viewers to donate their own blood for a good cause.

Still, that was decidedly less gross than this. On the other hand, it lacked the pure poetry of Raid's tagline, which in its own right deserves credit for being among the most clear, if not brilliant, of all time—"Kills Bugs Dead." 


Client: Raid

Agency: EnergyBBDO

@GabrielBeltrone Gabriel Beltrone is a frequent contributor to Adweek.