Ad of the Day: LGBT Couples Just Want to Travel Freely in This Beautiful Airbnb Ad

Powerful Molecule spot advocates acceptance

Airbnb is celebrating Pride Month with a powerful ad about LGBT couples traveling, and the extra care that can require.

The 3:30 spot from Molecule in San Francisco features interviews with a diverse group of couples talking about topics like weighing which locales are LGBT friendly, and what the consequences might be if they're not—ranging from concerns about legal repercussions to not wanting have to explain to a young son why his two moms were posing as sisters.

It's a beautiful set of portraits about love, including historical perspective on challenges in decades past from an older couple and various interviewees' hopes for the future—both resonant messages at a time when there's been progress on equal rights for same-sex couples but acceptance of LGBT people is far from universal.

"We look forward to a world where all love is welcome," reads the tagline.

It might be worth mentioning, though, that the ad also sparked one popular comment thread on Airbnb's Facebook page calling out the company for not making it easier for hosts to indicate LGBT-friendly listings.

Airbnb initially responded with the sort of non-answer that makes brand social media presences seem obnoxious and pointless—"Thank you for your feedback Tod. Airbnb is an open community where everyone is welcome to travel and where our hosts can #HostWithPride."

In fairness, in a response to another commenter, Airbnb did say it would forward the idea to developers—who will surely get right on that.


Client: Airbnb

Production Company: Molecule, San Francisco

Directors, Creative Directors: Mohammad Gorjestani, Malcolm Pullinger

Line Producer: Courtney Harrell

Director of Photography: Andrew Droz Palermo

Sound Design and Mix: Joel Raabe

Editor: Ashley Rodholm

Colorist: Ayumi Ashley

Music Composition: Keith Kenniff

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