Ad of the Day: Laphroaig Turns Mixed Opinions of Its Scotch Into Amusing Christmas Carols

All reactions welcome, and even celebrated in song

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Laphroaig, a singular single-malt Scotch known for its potent and polarizing flavor, has spent the better part of the year soliciting tasters' opinions.

Now, it's taken several of the more colorful responses from its "Opinions Welcome" campaign and set them to music in the form of Christmas carols, performed by a Scottish choir.

In the first clip from the Laphroaig Whisky Christmas Choir, we get to hear the group's melodious interpretation of lines like, "Take a first aid kid and pour the contents in a bucket of sea water/Wait 10 years, filter it and drink it" to the tune of "The 12 Days of Christmas."

In the second clip, debuting today exclusively on Adweek, the messages are a bit more positive, assuming you like "liquid pastrami" and "witchcraft."

Here's the behind-the-scenes footage, which will help you appreciate the sheer level of wind the choir was having to deal with:

The brand also just posted the newest installment in its series of videos capturing real reactions from those new to Laphroaig:

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