Ad of the Day: Kung Fury’s David Sandberg Shows Off Great, Zany Effects in Phone Ad

Don't get a big head over the ZenPhone's fancy features

The Asus ZenPhone Zoom smartphone has a camera so strong, it'll turn a little toy dinosaur into a full-sized T-Rex that you can ride like a horse. 

So says a new short film in a series from Razorfish Hong Kong and actor-director David Sandberg, of Kung Fury fame. As in his popular, crowd-funded comedy short, Sandberg stars here, too. 

Other skits, compiled in a single video below, show the Asus phone's camera ballooning his head to cartoonish proportions, and functioning like a magnet for a string of random objects, including a fire hydrant and a shark. 

The kicker clip, meanwhile, may make the most sense. The zoom is so fast and powerful, it will go all the way around the world and snap a photo of the scene just behind you.

Overall, it's a fun little collection for a feature-driven sales pitch. Sure, it's also completely over-the-top, but that's in keeping with Sandberg's style. Some takes might also induce some head-scratching. How does that ninja trick work, exactly? But who cares. It's entertaining.

"Asus gave me a blank canvas to work with. It's rare for a client to be so open, and I really appreciate that," Sandberg said in a statement. "I am sure the end result shows how much fun we had working on this project." 

"Like millions of others, I had watched David Sandberg's Kung Fury and inspired my colleagues with passionate karaoke renditions of Hasselhoff's 'True Survivor,' " says Christian Teniswood, creative director of Razorfish Hong Kong.

"When David said yes to working with us on these concepts, we knew we had the perfect director to showcase the incredible power of the Asus ZenFone Zoom. And just like one of the concepts, the process took us around the world: the idea starting in the Razorfish Hong Kong office, David producing the work in Stockholm and our incredible Asus client guiding us throughout from Taiwan."

It is arguably false advertising, though. Users will need something much more potent than a smartphone to really start hallucinating … like maybe a Samsung VR headset.


Client: Asus

Agency: Razorfish Hong Kong

Director: David Sandberg

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