Ad of the Day: Honda Fit Mini-Car Is Fit for Millennials

Squealing meerkats not included

The new Fit mini-car can fit many things, and do many others—pretty much whatever your whimsical millennial heart desires, at least according to Honda.

Starring comedian Nick Thune, a pair of fast-talking new spots make the case that the mini car, now redesigned, is perfect for the stuff that everyone knows Gen-Y types all love, like 1980s-inspired electro pop, colorful bicycles and moving to the Pacific Northwest (Seattle, though, not Portland).

Aimed at a ripening market for car brands, it will also do practical things like pack in the contents of your dorm room, because you, undergrad millennial, might be striking out into the world, or get you to the hospital because you, yuppie millennial, might be having your first baby, or might just get you, free spirit millennial, to yoga class, because you are in touch with your body.

It will not do some things, like predict the future, because after all, it is just a car. It will, however, in what's probably the best moment of both commercials, make a meerkat squeal with delight, because who doesn't want to see an adorable rodent displaying vaguely human qualities? (Thank you BuzzFeed.)

The rapid-fire riffing make the spots feel ad-libbed—a light but persuasive pitch. It's smart to put the emphasis on flexibility and individuality. (Millennials are famous for being fickle narcissists, after all.) And in that context, an amorphous tagline—"Start something special"—is actually the right kind of dog-whistle message, with fill-in-the-blank appeal.

Embrace the myriad possibilities for having fun in a car that starts at just $15,000.

Women millennials, though, will have to live with the fact that the pink, anti-wrinkle Japanese version of the Fit, appears not to have made it to the U.S.


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@GabrielBeltrone Gabriel Beltrone is a frequent contributor to Adweek.